The FIFA Research Programme is at the forefront of developing validation methods for the latest football technology and of new and existing FIFA Quality Programmes. The programme has created a more suitable platform enabling challenges to be identified and shared within the research community, research to be peer-reviewed and published in relevant scientific journals, and data-driven decisions to be made at key levels in football.

Research Areas
Projects must contribute to expanding knowledge in an area that leads to an improvement in one of the four defined areas of the game of football:
Game Analysis Technologies

- Player and ball tracking technology - Other technologies & data solutions

Refereeing Technologies 

- Virtual Offside Lines - Video Assistant Refereeing technology - Goal Line Technology

Football Equipment 

- Footballs - Goals  - Wearable technology

Playing Surfaces

- Artificial, natural and hybrid surfaces - Futsal surfaces

FIFA Football Technology & Innovation Research Scheme

FIFA launched a contribution scheme for research at the International Sport Engineering Association (ISEA) online conference in June 2020 with the aim of supporting worthwhile projects that will contribute to a better understanding of football...

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